About Techniques and Materials of Music

Techniques and Materials of Music: From the Common Practice Period Through the Twentieth Century covers the essentials of tonal music theory and introduces the techniques of post-tonal music in a short, concise format. The Enhanced 7th Edition features a new premium website and expanded e-Workbook.

The new website that accompanies the book provides:

  • Online study guides
  • Examples from music literature with audio
  • Video tutorials
  • Short quizzes to reinforce key concepts in the book

Purchase of the book includes member access to all online content and the e-Workbook. Registered instructors can track the quiz scores of their students. The website is compatible with popular Web browsers for computers and mobile tablets. The newly expanded e-Workbook include exercises in PDF format for all units in the book, including a new Part I e-Workbook with comprehensive exercises on musical rudiments and new composition exercises in varied textures.